One of the exciting aspects of the floral industry is there are some great opportunities for different types of careers. It isn’t just a matter of becoming a florist and opening up a business. One that can be very interesting is becoming a floral arrangement specialist.

What Is a Floral Specialist?

A floral specialist is often just referred to as the florist. However, a floral arrangement specialist is an individual that has taken it to the next level and may have received some formal training in this field.


There are institutions that have formed that specialise just in teaching the art of floristry. It goes beyond just learning the best way to arrange flowers. There is a considerable amount of knowledge that is needed to go with this.

To qualify, there is no real formal educational prerequisites like having a need for a college degree. The student only needs to be able to comprehend the content of the course and be committed to learning. Some courses may require the students to have some experience in floriculture. The skills they look for the most would be artistic ability and creativity.


What makes a great floral arrangement specialist is their ability to grow with their experiences. The more they do it, the better they become at it.

The Work Field

Floral arrangers can find employment in different settings. The florists in general form various associations and good floral designers can network through these.

There is stability in the floral industry, even though it does falter sometimes and goes through different stages. In most cases, formal training really isn’t necessary. Florists just use their experiences with floral arrangements to grow this into a business.

Business Benefits

The business benefits that come with floral arrangements allow the business owner to scale up their business. They can take a floral shop from selling flowers to selling works of art. Beautiful flower arrangements are considered as art by many.